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Using Fitness Ball

The fitness ball, also called a Swiss ball, stability ball, Resist-a-ball, body ball or balanced ball, is a bloated rubber ball. It’s strong enough for a person to lie, sit, and carry out push-ups.

The reason why you should use

Taking exercise with it will make your muscles move more effectively than executing similar exercises on a gym mat, for instance. You might move and stretch your lower and upper body on it. The tilt of the ball helps us work in a larger range of movement. In case that you angle the ball, you might get a deeper stretch than lying on the mat.

Where can I buy the fitness ball?

It’s very simple. You are able to purchase it at any retail outlet or sporting goods stores. Conveniently, you might order it online at some websites such as or The average cost will be from $20 – $45, based on the brand and size that you select.

Fitness ball sizes

There are different sizes, so you need to choose carefully before buying one. Keep in mind that when sitting on ti, you can place your feet on the ground. At the same time, your hips need to be at knee level, thighs parallel to the ground. See some information here to check a suitable one

  • If you’re lower than 5’2″ tall, you should try a 45cm one.
  • If you’re from 5’2” to 5’7” tall, a 55cm one will be suitable.
  • If you’re from 5’8” to 6′ tall, you should choose a 65cm one
  • If you’re higher than 6′, go with a 75cm one.

The simplest way to blow up the ball at home

When purchasing the fitness ball, you will receive a complete collection, including plastic tube, plug and hand pump. Interpose the tube into the air opening and blow the ball until it’s solid but not compress when you press your finger into it. Then interpose the plug.