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Must know about Gym Mistakes

Your workouts turn into a regular routine that is impossible to break

This is a common mistake within gym members and it’s incredibly easy to stick to something you’re good at. But what happens when your body stops improving and this brick wall seems to stem from the same muscles being used each trip? It’s best to change your routine every four to six weeks to ensure your body is still producing the right results. Classes help too!

letting your mind rule your body

It’s 5 o’clock and you’ve had a tough day at the office, you can’t think of anything better right now then to go home, eat a huge dinner and snuggle down in front of the television. Right? WRONG! Don’t let your mind rule your body. Your mind may be tired but your body isn’t. If you don’t believe me, head down to the gym after work and see for yourself.

Visiting the gym for a chat and a catch up

Neither you nor your gym friends are going to push your body to the max whilst chatting and walking on the running machines. Arranging dinner and catching up is for outside the gym and although a training buddy is a great idea, a chatting buddy will damage your routine and make you lose focus on how much training you’re actually doing.